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[en] Testing GPSLogger for BlackBerry [blackberry/tech-head/GSM]

marți, august 25th, 2009

I need a new GPS Logger. While the InstaMapper GPS Tracker I wrote about earlier works like a charm, it can’t retain the track offline and dump it later onto a program that can recreate my trips and match it over Google Maps , for example. But now I found GPSLogger. It’s not a hassle-free [...]

[en] BlackBerry review: a Data Counter for my Bold [GSM/Blackberry/apps review/tech-head]

joi, august 6th, 2009

So, what’s the most usual complain you get with people using BlackBerry ? I really didn’t do a Top 3 or a Top 10, but one of the most common is the fact that Blackberry doesn’t have a data counter. And I’m sure they know it but have no reason really to let you know [...]

[en] Mangalia-Bucharest GPS Tracker Map [GPS/tech-head/GSM]

luni, august 3rd, 2009

  Another fine&accurate Instamapper GPS Tracker Map . 2 hours and 56 minutes from Mangalia to Bucharest last nite. A new personal record!  I could’ve done a lot better with the Impreza… The Mangalina-Bucharest map. And the Bucharest-Mangalia map, one day before. I might add that there are some inconsistencies with the tracking, I guess [...]

[en] BlackBerry Review – BB Robot Scheduler [BlackBerry/GSM/tech-head]

sâmbătă, august 1st, 2009

  I tend to check BB forums, software selling sites and other’s experiences quite often, so I am up-to-date with all the new applications arriving on the market. At some point, I needed an auto-starting application, an application that would start-up other applications without my intervention . While for other OS like Symbian this is [...]

[en] Blackberry’s Later Dude updated [Blackberry/GSM/tech-head]

duminică, iulie 5th, 2009

As reviewed earlier,  the free Later Dude blackberry call reminder app from FabianH gets an update. So what s new in this one? Fabian listened to us: – change the reminder date freely to whichever suits the user better – instead of  a 3 hours reminder, now the user can set it up to a [...]

[en] Blackberry Bold battery uptime is crap?No shit! [Blackberry/tech-head/GSM]

duminică, iulie 5th, 2009

Yesterday I wanted to test the Bolds battery for real – just another day at the office, uhmmm, I  mean on the road using the phone as usual. The following was written with Doc2Go Word editor, right on the phone:       Background: 3G, WiFi&Bluetooth (headset) on. Battery at 100%. 7.30: RSS, Uber Twitter, [...]

[en] LaterDude – do I need a call reminder?! [Blackberry/tech-head/GSM]

marți, iunie 23rd, 2009

I don’t need a call reminder! I have the Calendar , I have the Tasks, and finally, if needed I can always hit the "snooze" button and delay the calling with 10 to 15 minutes (due to be changed as the owner pleases in the Calendar options). Now, if I snooze it repeatedly I will [...]

[en] Weather Bug review [BlackBerry/tech-head/GSM]

joi, iunie 18th, 2009

Each time I want a program able to do something, I can’t find it. Then, after I realize I have a Blackberry in my hands (you know, not a ton of programs available) and I forget all about that, I find it. And I’m asking for the simpler things in life: like a weather program. [...]

[en] Is there a Heaven for free GPS trackers? [tech/GSM/GPS/BlackBerry]

marți, mai 12th, 2009

I was complaining here that the support for’s GPS tracker sucks. I still think that; I sent them an e-mail complaining about the problems I had while uploading the tracks (lots of features but the main one doesn’t work properly,recording only partial routes!) and they’ve replied after 4 days:  "—– Original Message —– From: [...]

[en] Yet another InstaMapper GPS tracker upload [tech/GPS/GSM/BlackBerry]

luni, mai 11th, 2009

Just a quick upload with yet another InstaMapper track; this one‘s more detailed. This time I’ve used a 142 seconds pause between location updates for battery’ sake. The device goes to "sleep" between transmissions, which is a good thing (15%-20% of battery life in 3 hours is a good score for a GPS enabled device) [...]


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