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[en] Weather Bug review [BlackBerry/tech-head/GSM]

joi, iunie 18th, 2009

Each time I want a program able to do something, I can’t find it. Then, after I realize I have a Blackberry in my hands (you know, not a ton of programs available) and I forget all about that, I find it. And I’m asking for the simpler things in life: like a weather program. [...]

[en] Is there a Heaven for free GPS trackers? [tech/GSM/GPS/BlackBerry]

marți, mai 12th, 2009

I was complaining here that the support for’s GPS tracker sucks. I still think that; I sent them an e-mail complaining about the problems I had while uploading the tracks (lots of features but the main one doesn’t work properly,recording only partial routes!) and they’ve replied after 4 days:  "—– Original Message —– From: [...]

[en] Yet another InstaMapper GPS tracker upload [tech/GPS/GSM/BlackBerry]

luni, mai 11th, 2009

Just a quick upload with yet another InstaMapper track; this one‘s more detailed. This time I’ve used a 142 seconds pause between location updates for battery’ sake. The device goes to "sleep" between transmissions, which is a good thing (15%-20% of battery life in 3 hours is a good score for a GPS enabled device) [...]

[ro] Noi metode de spam! [Romanik]

duminică, mai 10th, 2009

Primesc un mesaj publicitar de la Nu stiu cine sunt,n-am cumparat vreodatabilete de la ei, insa ma infurie nesimtirea de care dau dovada;pe zi ce trece, gasesc noi metode de eludare a legii, iar de data asta pe o parte ma calca pe nervi, pe de alta parte izbucnesc in ras. Asa-i mesajul: "Primiti [...]

[en] The alcohol test [funny]

joi, aprilie 30th, 2009

 Very funny way of using an alcohol tester!  

[en] In search for the perfect GPS Tracker for BlackBerry [tech/GSM/BlackBerry]

vineri, aprilie 24th, 2009

Recently I switched sides;I didn’t go to the Dark Side, to the Jesus phone, the Iphone because I needed a smartphone , not a toy (ok, I’m a bit harsh here, the Iphone is almost a smartphone and will be if they make it a multi-tasking device). So I got a BlackBerry Bold instead. It [...]

[en] Disappointment [life]

miercuri, aprilie 1st, 2009

       Anytime I am looking to somebody else as my source, I’m coming from scarcity. I am no longer trusting God, or the Universe, for my harvest. It’s reasonable for me to have expectations based on what somebody I trust has committed to. And it’s natural for me to feel disappointed when that somebody doesn’t [...]

[ro] A.G Weinberger la Hard Rock Cafe – cu adevarat Mr. Blues! [hrana pentru suflet]

miercuri, martie 18th, 2009

Pe A.G Weinberger il urmaresc inca din 2000,cand am ascultat "Standard Weinberger" si mai apoi "Good Morning,Mr. Blues", albume alcatuite in special din cover-uri dupa R&B -uri celebre. Si cum am nimerit intamplator in Hard Rock Cafe in seara in care Mr. Blues canta (biletul a costat 25 lei-sa fim seriosi,nu putem aprecia chiar deloc [...]

[ro] Noua Leana si-a facut blog… [Romanik/Crap]

luni, martie 16th, 2009

Am ras mereu de Gaga . Am ras mereu de colegii gangavi,care nu erau in stare sa lege doua vorbe.Asta se intampla cand eram mic.Asa sunt copii,cruzi si fara prea mult discernamant fata de o situatie posibil nefericita. Mai tarziu inveti sa apreciezi ceea ce ai si sa te intristezi cand vezi ca acei copii [...]

[ro] Buzunarul cu paine [teatru]

luni, martie 16th, 2009

Piesa asta este diferita. Este altfel decat celelalte la care am fost in ultima perioada. Pe celelalte le-am considerat interesante, iar despre unele chiar am scris doua-trei randuri. Despre altele n-am scris pentru ca nu am avut timp, insa asta nu inseamna ca nu le-am apreciat sau ca le-am desconsiderat. Insa asta este altfel. "Actiunea"(daca [...]


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