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6 august 2009
So, what’s the most usual complain you get with people using BlackBerry ? I really didn’t do a Top 3 or a Top 10, but one of the most common is the fact that Blackberry doesn’t have a data counter.
And I’m sure they know it but have no reason really to let you know exactly how much (money and time) you’ve wasted using the device. God forbids, you might wanna cut back on usage!
For a long, long time nobody thought (or cared) to make an app designed to count the Mb you use daily, weekly, monthly. For a while I used  Mini Moni, which  measures the band width rather than the consumption. Of course, it can’t tell you the Wi-Fi usage against the GSM or Roaming usage, which really kills the data counter purpose.
What is extremely unpleasant is the fact that all the GSM operators are charging considerable amounts of cash for a relative small usage (5 MB/ 15 MB/ 100 MB of traffic) subscription, so it’s really necessary to have the means to control it.
And then, by mistake, I found Mobile Data Alerter. 
This little baby is the perfect example of how a BlackBerry application should be built. Its RAM footprint is small, the design is beautiful and the U.I is simple and complete. 
Main screen:

As you can see, I have 2 connections available (self explanatory) and a 3rd field for Roaming. On the left you can see the consumption and on the right you can see the limits I imposed. The setting can be adjusted with any data limit, as you can see in the lower screen-shot.


Another interesting section is the "Active applications" in which you can see the potential data consuming apps – it’s nice to have especially since it will signal you if any of the ones above starts consuming a lot of data.

My only gripe is that is always running in the back putting the strain on the already small value of RAM available on my Bold. But I guess it’s always a trade-off, you lose some in order to get some.
This app is a definitive keeper. Get it here.
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