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1 august 2009

I tend to check BB forums, software selling sites and other’s experiences quite often, so I am up-to-date with all the new applications arriving on the market.
At some point, I needed an auto-starting application, an application that would start-up other applications without my intervention . While for other OS like Symbian this is just a routine task, for the BlackBerry OS is something new . Not only that there aren’t too many apps available but even the OS is imposing certain rules: an application can’t be shut down by another app automatically, it can’t change profiles or restart the phone if the keyboard is locked or the phone is holstered.And with all those, the BB Robot Scheduler is an app that offers you a lot of options to automatize quite a few of your daily tasks.
BB Robot Scheduler is done by Computerinbed, a company known for another apps for BlackBerry, like Radio OnOff.
But BBRS is the most important. It lets you schedule a lot of tasks like reset, shut off the radio, send e-mail / sms / GPS position, play or record audio, make or fake a(n incoming) phonecall, show a pop-up message, play a tone, vibrate, launch an application or the browser, lock the phone, flash the led, etc. really, at least 20 processes, all can be scheduled and automatized.

The scheduling process is quite simple…after you get the hang of it doing it a few times because there are some steps you have to follow in order to have an effective program:
-open the menu and press "Make a Scheduler"

- choose a name, when to start (now, date or delay after this moment), recurrence [minute(s), hour(s), day(s)]
- save

- choose the action (send e-mail, sms, pop-up message, fake call, restart, etc)
- choose destination
- save
That’s it! It supports a number of rules (can’t assess exactly how many but a lot,anyway) and can be set at any time. The OS can take more rules at the same time but I advise you to set it at different hours, even if minutes apart.
And now, for my experience: I don’t use it because I don’t need 95% of its features! And I guess it leaks my RAM. If it’s not, it probably uses it and the Garbage Collector can’t recover it. Either way, my RAM decreases very quickly since I’ve installed BBRS. Actually, I DID need a couple of them, like auto-stating apps in the morning and resetting the phone at 6 A.M in the morning but the BBRS’ memory foot print is too big for me and takes quite some RAM. I wasn’t able to find out exactly how much but it seems like a lot [BBRS (sometimes) runs in the background even if you can't see it with the task manager ] for 2-3 programs I like to have started in the morning automatically. I kept it because I paid for it (yes, it’s not a free program) but now I found a new tiny lil’ program doing EXACTLY what I need: Start Me Up – small RAM footprint, doesn’t run in the background eating RAM and it’s free.
And to summarize this review, I gotta say I like the multiple tasks, the stability and the fast replies from the creator of this program – you’ve been a great help! I wanted to uninstall it but I won’t because of all the features it holds; I will need some on the spot like:  – send GPS position by email, fake incoming call, show message pop-up, etc. This program runs very well, never crashed neither failed to run whatever rule I added.
It’s been 3$ on special offer here (nice review,too!).
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