[en] Blackberry Bold battery uptime is crap?No shit! [Blackberry/tech-head/GSM]

5 iulie 2009

Yesterday I wanted to test the Boldīs battery for real – just another day at the office, uhmmm, I  mean on the road using the phone as usual.

The following was written with Doc2Go Word editor, right on the phone:
Background: 3G, WiFi&Bluetooth (headset) on.
Battery at 100%.

7.30: RSS, Uber Twitter, 5 min FlyCast, news in the browser (usage time 45

In the background Uber

8.55: Started Pod Trapper which will download today’s podcasts.
9.35 Turned off RSS, Pod Trapper, Wi-Fi .
14.41: 1.5 hours
talk-time,20 mins browsing,constant twittering ( 10 minutes automatic refresh and maybe 5-10 tweets per hour) and the battery is at 3%.
For me, this is official – the Boldīs battery sucks, like all the other smartphones; why hide it, the battery technologies are left behind deliberately – to develop the fuel cell Toshiba spent millions and there is no change in sight, yet. A charger at home, one at the office and one in the car; I still run out of juice at times…

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