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[ro] #BeerTweetMeet #1 [Twitter]

duminică, iulie 12th, 2009

Cu o intarziere de cateva zile: a fost atat de tare incat nici nu ma obosesc sa mai povestesc; toata lumea (care) stie,a fost acolo! Link-uri: Flickr si clipurile (de foaaarte slaba calitate) filmate de mine cu telefonul: 1,2,3,4. PS: Berea oferita gratuit nu ajuta pe nimeni:de exemplu,pe mine m-a pus in dificultate d.p.d.v al [...]

[en] Blackberry’s Later Dude updated [Blackberry/GSM/tech-head]

duminică, iulie 5th, 2009

As reviewed earlier,  the free Later Dude blackberry call reminder app from FabianH gets an update. So what s new in this one? Fabian listened to us: – change the reminder date freely to whichever suits the user better – instead of  a 3 hours reminder, now the user can set it up to a [...]

[en] Blackberry Bold battery uptime is crap?No shit! [Blackberry/tech-head/GSM]

duminică, iulie 5th, 2009

Yesterday I wanted to test the Bolds battery for real – just another day at the office, uhmmm, I  mean on the road using the phone as usual. The following was written with Doc2Go Word editor, right on the phone:       Background: 3G, WiFi&Bluetooth (headset) on. Battery at 100%. 7.30: RSS, Uber Twitter, [...]


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