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23 iunie 2009
I don’t need a call reminder! I have the Calendar , I have the Tasks, and finally, if needed I can always hit the "snooze" button and delay the calling with 10 to 15 minutes (due to be changed as the owner pleases in the Calendar options).
Now, if I snooze it repeatedly I will get annoyed, I’ll annoy the people around me and finally, I’ll forget all about it. So it seems like yes, I do need a call reminder. A simple one to integrate into the BB menu. I don’t like to get another icon that I have no place to put it to or to hide it.

LaterDude integrates with you Calendar application and provides a way to set a call reminder on the run, with just a few clicks.
Additionally, you can edit the phone number (why would you do that if you’re on the run?!), add a location and a note. I don’t know how big it can be but I imagine you do have a lot of words for a note.The application will make an "appointment" into the calendar and ask you to define when you need to be reminded of the call.

And from the user’s point of view, that’s about it. The program it’s supported by all OS’, so try it out a.s.a.p. Be sure to follow instruction upon installation because if you don’t you’ll end-up just like me: you set up the delay to 5 minutes or whatever, and when you save it, it’ll start ringing (reminding you) right away. This happened because I didn’t set the Calendar default reminder to 0, as requested in the instructions here. If you do that, you’ll be just fine.
Oh, did I mention it’s free? Oh, yeah!

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