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18 iunie 2009
Each time I want a program able to do something, I can’t find it. Then, after I realize I have a Blackberry in my hands (you know, not a ton of programs available) and I forget all about that, I find it.
And I’m asking for the simpler things in life: like a weather program. We all know the weather’s really unpredictable and that even the ones in the business make mistakes most of the times. But I still need a program to tell me how the weather’s gonna be (forecast) rather about how it is at the moment-I can see; I look up and see it’s hot or it’s raining.
Unfortunately, there are only a handful of BlackBerry weather programs available and only a few available in Romania (not so many users I think!). This example is about numbers: a top 5. That’s all. Only five apps to be considered for one of the best professional  mobile platforms in the world; it’s like businessmen or Berry -addicts do not need or care about the weather. Or you need to be a businessman to afford one of the good apps. But some things in life are free and very good.
Let’s take Weather Bug for example: it belongs to a big company, AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. . The Smart People running this company decided that it would be better to invest in developing a nice app for BlackBerry, rather that spending a great deal of $ on publicity. And the program works! It’s free, the UI is simple and functional and the information is plentiful.The app is fast, intuitive and it won’t Stay on all the time eating your RAM.
As above, there is an icon on the homescreen refreshing at a rate between 15 minutes and 4 hours. There is also a "manual" updating mode and a choice in which you can have additional info like "hi/low temperature"or none.
As seen above, the application has a wide variety of features including a video and camera view, a map pin-point ( Google Maps ), locations, where you input all the cities of interest, a five days forecast and the daily conditions. The help file is also rich, you can directly visit the dedicated forum or email the developers. Another interesting and very useful feature is the "share button", which opens up the e-mail client. You can send a screenshot (done automatically when using the feature) by email. Nifty!
As you can see, the program’s add supported but the banner is very small and unintrusive. Talking about friendly UI: by positioning the cursor over the city name it will allow you to flick quickly thru the cities rolling your trackball left or right.
As for the details involved, you get a forecast for the day, the minimum dew point, speed and wind-temperature, humidity and the most important, "feels like" temperature.
As for functionality, the apps’ right most of the times. If you take into consideration I’m half-way across the globe, I’m ok with it when it’s not accurate. But hey, this happens when you talk about the weather.
You can get it here – also avalable for Android and Iphone.

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