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[en] LaterDude – do I need a call reminder?! [Blackberry/tech-head/GSM]

marți, iunie 23rd, 2009

I don’t need a call reminder! I have the Calendar , I have the Tasks, and finally, if needed I can always hit the "snooze" button and delay the calling with 10 to 15 minutes (due to be changed as the owner pleases in the Calendar options). Now, if I snooze it repeatedly I will [...]

[en] Weather Bug review [BlackBerry/tech-head/GSM]

joi, iunie 18th, 2009

Each time I want a program able to do something, I can’t find it. Then, after I realize I have a Blackberry in my hands (you know, not a ton of programs available) and I forget all about that, I find it. And I’m asking for the simpler things in life: like a weather program. [...]


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