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12 mai 2009
I was complaining here that the support for GPSed.com’s GPS tracker sucks. I still think that; I sent them an e-mail complaining about the problems I had while uploading the tracks (lots of features but the main one doesn’t work properly,recording only partial routes!) and they’ve replied after 4 days:
 "—– Original Message —–
From: SHAPE Support Team <
To: xxx
@gmail.com, SHAPE Support Team <support@shapeservices.com>
Sent: 25.04.2009 15:18
Subject: Re: Problem with uploaded tracks on gpsed.com
< Hello,
< Please accept our apologies for the problem.
< I have forwarded your track to our developers for further investigation.
< We’ll inform you about the result as soon as possible.
< Thank you for your patience!
< Best regards,"
 Meaning nothing, of course. Oh, yes, they took me into consideration but do one needs 4 days for that? They say they need to contact the developer. But why not providing a direct link to the developer, doesn’t the developer has an e-mail address?!
More laughs today:
"SHAPE Support Team to me
show details 10:49 AM (1 hour ago) Reply
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Our developers have detected the problem and
now they are working on fixing of it.
Please keep an eye on our updates.
Best regards,
Alexandra Lyubchenko
SHAPE Support Team
SHAPE Services"
18 days later, they’ve finally detected the issue and they are working on fixing it! Come on! Really. I KNOW it’s a free service, but you need competence when running a SERVICE. Or so it seems, a service. Up until now it’s just a shadow of what it should be.
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