[en] Yet another InstaMapper GPS tracker upload [tech/GPS/GSM/BlackBerry]

11 mai 2009
Just a quick upload with yet another InstaMapper track; this one‘s more detailed. This time I’ve used a 142 seconds pause between location updates for battery’ sake. The device goes to "sleep" between transmissions, which is a good thing (15%-20% of battery life in 3 hours is a good score for a GPS enabled device) but the result is quite inaccurate, and I’m pretty sure the calculations are done based on pinpoints. This means there is a half an hour period which wasn’t recorded (I stopped by for a visit but I was outside all the time) and the road isn’t followed exactly due to long pauses between pin-pointing.
But, hey, it’s nice for general purposes and if you get a car charger, then you can set it to transmit every 5 seconds or so; then, the result is bulls-eye!
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