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[en] The alcohol test [funny]

joi, aprilie 30th, 2009

 Very funny way of using an alcohol tester!  

[en] In search for the perfect GPS Tracker for BlackBerry [tech/GSM/BlackBerry]

vineri, aprilie 24th, 2009

Recently I switched sides;I didn’t go to the Dark Side, to the Jesus phone, the Iphone because I needed a smartphone , not a toy (ok, I’m a bit harsh here, the Iphone is almost a smartphone and will be if they make it a multi-tasking device). So I got a BlackBerry Bold instead. It [...]

[en] Disappointment [life]

miercuri, aprilie 1st, 2009

       Anytime I am looking to somebody else as my source, I’m coming from scarcity. I am no longer trusting God, or the Universe, for my harvest. It’s reasonable for me to have expectations based on what somebody I trust has committed to. And it’s natural for me to feel disappointed when that somebody doesn’t [...]


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