[en] A new communication era arises [Internet]

1 februarie 2009
Oh yeah, that’s for sure. After the dot com crash, after the Web 2.0 bubble, now it’s time for the newest, tottaly-integrated-in-out-lives Internet: social networks .
Along with all the disadvantages regarding the lack of privacy , the loss of precious time we have less and less of and other scary details, there is one certainty: we, the public, have uninterrupted, almost voyeuristic access to stars’ lives. And this is just the beggining. What they do, whom they meet, the projects they are into, all the funny stuff we long to know is here for the taking: Ashton Kutcher’s Qik and Twitter account, Demi Moore’s Twitter account and her Twitpic account that triggered widespread admiration!
PS: Ashton has more followers than Demi: is it because he’s so much younger thus using the Internet user’s demographics to his advantage? Might just be.

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