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10 decembrie 2008
Yesterday, December 9th, 2008, Sony Ericsson announced they will be joining the OHA Alliance in order to support Google’s Android platform development. This comes as a natural step after dealing with other operation platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile . This is surely the future. Others had joined, too, strong players in the mobile market like Vodafone (wow, an operator?) and ARM Holding. Here’s an interesting article on companies that already joined OHA.
But the big question is: how many handsets will Sony- Ericsson launch in 2009 and 2010 in order to cut a slack of IPhone’s market share ?
We all know that at intention level Sony Ericsson was always an ice-breaker but most of the times failed to seize the moment. Their handsets always seemed to come a bit too late. Of course, the media hype was the reason everyone thought so, taking into account that sometimes clients had to wait almost a year to see the real thing. And when it finally emerged, it was full of bugs and already overtaken by somebody else’s phone fact-sheets with bigger processors, bigger RAMs, bigger MP cameras, etc.
And this declaration intrigues me: "Sony Ericsson is excited to announce its membership of the open handset alliance and confirm its intention to develop a handset based on the Android platform, said Rikko Sakaguchi, CVP and head of Creation and Development at Sony Ericsson."
Does it means they will give it a try with A single handset, or it’s merely a general comment regarding the platform and others will come, too?
Again, intentions are all right but will Sony-Ericsson manufacture Android handsets?
Later edit: Sony Ericsson chooses Android.
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