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5 decembrie 2008

As I said before,
sometimes the P1i makes me crazy. My first intention is to smash it in pieces,
but then again, I can’t change it now – I’m only too used to UIQ 3.0 interface
to switch to something else. Such is the power of UI’s – not only that they
have a learning curve you have to take, but then the UI is
"enslaving" you to the point in which you need to have the
same UI every time you want be comfortable with your gadgets. And, of course, if
you need to be efficient. In both professional and social life. That’s the
reason most of us have these gadgets, right?
Once you get the bug, it’s a long time before shaking it -
usually just a LOT better UI will make someone to switch platforms especially
when one has his/her data deep inside all kinds of programs: calendar, agenda, locked
files, card data, etc. Using another platform would mean porting these datas
from point A to point B and sometimes that’s almost impossible.
So I stick to this one. Unfortunately, UIQ is not going to
be developed further more, as UIQ is dead. But until then, developers who were
working to programs before the closure announcement came aren’t done yet. So
programs are still popping up and for the time being I got a new battery (32
Euros), the old one is holding just over 12 hours of juice. Not dead yet, but 1
year and 7 months later it is done.
And that’s exactly why I put up with (after more than 2.5
years of UIQ 3.0 – Sony Ericsson M600, P990i&P1i):

  • irregular restarts "in
    order to improve performance"
  • different sets of bugs
    after every software update, even when you re-flash with the same version
    just to get rid of the corrupt versions of applications like Calendar,
    Messaging or Contacts.
  • disappearance of the
    in-call clock after a month or two from re-flash
  • irregular kernel-exec error
    which lead to opera mobile crash (explained partially by the normal size
    of some HTML sites that Opera Mobile can’t handle)
  • irregular restarts leading
    to a bug that won’t turn off the back light completely-dim screen will
    always consume energy
  • themes aren’t always
    coherent-you can always find a nice Black theme but the text is also black
    which renders it useless.
  • connection-priorities (and
    sometimes changing to its own accord) are inconsistent and I guess it’s
    due to its complexity
  • service menu ( for checking
    phone properties like phone screen usability) is not available in the menu
    (why not?!!) unless you know the code
  • Push-email never worked
  • Streaming Media never worked
  • the impossibility of
    recording calls even according to law
All in all, most of the things above were reported by
hundreds of peoples every year and still, nothing has been done. And it won’t
be done from now on.
Even if it’s a 2 years old model, the P1i still packs great
features compared to its more recent counter-parts. Its finish quality, the
outstanding materials and great variety of software coupled with a 200 Euros
price still makes it a good choice in getting a new mobile with operating

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