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17 noiembrie 2008
How many times I thought I need an application that would transform my phone into one nice demo tool? Too many times! Of course,UIQ was kind enough to provide developers with software support for them to create programs like Docs2Go, QuickOffice and Pdf+. But there was something missing: a program to allow one to use the phone loaded with a presentation coupled with a laptop and a projector. This way one can have the documents with him all the time,even if he doesn’t have his laptop. Efficiency all the way to create or demo documents.
Mobileways Remote is one of those programs. Launched february, 25th, 2008, this program was an instant hit . Several updates later, the program is able to brilliantly control the phone via pc keyboard and mouse,connect multiple phones at the same time, automatically search and download updates and do things like send an sms, open a webpage, search for items thru the file manager, etc.

Up until now I didn’t need this tool but the latest version got me thinking, I’ve downloaded it and it works! Like a dream! One can control his phone over USB or Bluetooth connection doing absolutely all one does with the phone. All the programs are available thru emulator means. The program has a lot of options like having keys mappings (shortcuts) for your menus and programs, taking screenshots (this can also be done from pc or from the phone itself) and the most important, the ability to take videoclips with the phone activity. It supports a lot of formats like AVI, H261,H 263 and FLV.


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