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[en] SE P1i camera mod update [Sony Ericsson/modding/UIQ]

vineri, octombrie 10th, 2008

Camera mod is getting on my nerves. I don’t really need the video part but entering this mod-business made me took the opportunity of testing extensively all the mods available. All of them are safe: you don’t like it, just delete the modded files and the system will use the back-ups when you restart. Safe. [...]

[en] New set of Main Menu icons [Sony Ericsson/UIQ/modding]

joi, octombrie 9th, 2008

          Took a long time to find out why not all my icons would update with the rest: everytime I tried, all were updated but Contacts, Messages, Calendar and Control Panel (right side image). And it didn’t look good. What’s all about? Modding. By replacing even the icons in my phone, I have [...]

[ro] Una demna de [life/Romanik/crap]

marți, octombrie 7th, 2008

Pentru ca numai in Romanik toate curvele devin vedete,am gasit un exemplar in fituica "onlain" Libertatea. "Fata de la pagina 5" a ajuns anunt semi- matrimonial (semi care inseamna ca vrea sa ti-o traga,sa-ti ia banii,nu sa se marite cu tine) unde toate taraturile isi etaleaza "skill-urile". Blonda asta enunta in cateva cuvinte trairile si [...]

[ro] Noua Skoda Octavia Face-Lift [auto]

luni, octombrie 6th, 2008

Ma bucur sa observ ca cehii de la Skoda nu pierd vremea-muncesc nemteste. Productia a fost intrerupta pentru o saptamana pentru a monta noua linie de ansamblare in fabrica de la Vrchlabi,care va produce Noua skoda octavia face-lift. Modificarile survin la fix 4 ani de la lansarea modelului iar noua "fata" si-a facut aparitia oficial [...]

[en] Paul Newman dies at 83 [life/hrana pentru suflet]

vineri, octombrie 3rd, 2008

Just need to rehash this as I searched a long time for this news;seems like people are busy with…things. Paul Newman , the legendary actor died of cancer on Friday. He was 83. His movies will always be there: Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , Cat on a Tin Hot Roof [...]


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