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21 octombrie 2008
09.30: Checking to see the new mod available. Found a operator logo changer which I’ve never tried. I was never fond of this kind of mod because it really does nothing-instead of Vodafone, it can say "your name", or the date / time (which you have by default anyway in the lower part of the screen) or some other little thing. Bute because I’m one curios sonovab.. I thought I’d give it a try.
09.40: Installing went fine, chose to have the Main Menu instead of Operator Logo and reboot . Of course, I got an error in which the Main Menu crashes (ooop, that’s really not good, as this is the backbone of the system!) and the boot sequence is stuck at SE logo. It won’t bot up 100% although other services work: Rss feeds,   e-mails,  network register, etc – I just can’t see them
10.08: Unistalled the mod, reinstalled the mod hoping the phone would boot, so I can see what’s wrong but no luck. In case of failure again, I have only one option: update FW but I have to reinstall all app-there aren”t many, just around 80
10.11: Because I still had access to various apps due to hardware buttons on the side ( camera , internet button),I managed to get into the menu and I’ll try to open the mod and choose a different action – like changing the Operator Logo into Time or Date. This shouldn’t crash the Main Menu.
To be updated later! Good luck to myself!
PS: This instead of working hard!
Update 0n Oct 22nd: Had to Master Reset and if I did that, I debranded my P1i (it was on Vodafone Germany). I’ll write about the process later, some kind of walkthru.
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