[en] The (Blackberry 9530) Storm is coming and it’s gonna vanquish all its enemies..or so they say [GSM/Tech/smartphone]

17 septembrie 2008
A few months passed since we first heard about the new BB touch screen Smartphone and took the time to dig around this story. Seems like the 2nd Iphone version made even the strongest supporters of non-touch screen devices to give in. And RIM’s Blackberry used to be the most conservative Smartphone I ever saw (well, except for Palm Centro which came 4 years too late!). But no more! The BB Storm is here!
What’s new? A full touch screen BB! "Built to be the most responsive of its time". Meant to "take the world by storm". Launched only on Verizon . 3.2 MP camera and video, full HTML internet browser.
What else? Nothing much. No word on pricing or availability. Unfortunately, the quality of Crackberry‘s video is quite weak but it helps one to take a peek at what’s next from Blackberry.
I, for one, am very, very curious-for the first time of a BB. 
Other source: Endgadget 
Update: It’s clear that when you take down a video from Youtube, you do no more than confirming a launch that’s iminent. I wonder why bother as late as it is now? A picture makes more than a 1000 words!
Source: BlackBerrySync.com 

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