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24 iulie 2008

 How many times did I forget one of the many PINs I have,for one of my many cards or accounts? A lot of times. The ATM refused to give me my CC back after punching the wrong PIN  for 3 times at least in two separate ocasions.What’s Handy Safe? In one (sic!) word:security, data management and simplicity.


   What is does
That was one of the many reasons I started using Handy Safe. And that’s just one of the many uses I found for this little great piece of software. Launched by Epocware, a division of Paragon Software Group, one of the leading companies in producing software for smartphones (and you can see that in every aspect of their programs), Handy Safe envisioned one program for all (purposes): you can keep your PIN numbers for CCs, passwords (for your locks, bank accounts, calling cards, emails, web pages,shopping accounts) ,different combinations and number series of you driving license,ID card, insurance policies,lens prescriptions,SSN,voice mail info and as you can imagine, I was quoting the program itself!
There is a security issue I have to clarify: as the producer brags, this little program uses a 448 bit strong encryption software using blowfish algorithm (considered military grade and a little bit exagerated by some) which means your data is hard to decript. Simple enough, right?
It’s really simple and old skool: you have over 35 icons and pre-defined/standard tasks to choose from. Each of those has specific fields in accordance with the task you create. In my example, I choose a really simple and useful one: car info. The spcific fields are: model, make, year, license, expires on…, VIN , insurance name, number and phone number of the insurance company.                
      You can also add notes and an icon, if you like.
How it works
Being very simple, it works like a charm. I mean, it’s a breeze to use it, it has a built-in intuition rarely seen in other programs. It takes you around 2 minutes to get to know it thus meaning the learning curve is quite non-existent. The program renders the entries by alphabet order. Also there is a possibility to arrange it in separate folders as Personal, Business, Custom types, Samples, Unfiled and All.In "Preferences", you can set up a period of time after which the program locks-up automatically, or you multi-tasking it can lockup when going in background. Very useful at times.
There is a desktop version one can download from Epocware to syncronize all the data I have in the program, but it wasn’t necessary for me because I don’t have so many entries and I have the data backed-up anyway already. But it’s important that the creator thought about it and make an effort in developing this kind of back-up.It’s also very simple and one can also add and edit information on every card.
All in all, a classic program ( I also had it on my SE P910i some years ago), a must have for busy people and a real life-saver sometimes. And if it served me correctly once, then is good enough for me and the money are well spent. 
There is a 7 days period of demo and the program is available in English, French,  Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian and also in Northern and Eastern-European languages. The program can be also found in various Handy packages (being on the market for a few years now) like this one where you can get good discounts when buying in bulk. Available for Palm, W.M, UIQ, symbian s40 and S60 .
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