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[en] Crap [auto]

joi, iulie 31st, 2008

Now, I tried to understand: a small car, suited for a big city, with a small engine and light enough to have a good acceleration. And what about inside protection? 4 out of  5 starts is not bad but imagine getting hit at 50km/h by a bus or truck.Not a nice view. But does it [...]

[ro] Blocaj de trafic in Drumul Taberei,probabil zona Favorit in 1968 [foto/de pe mail]

joi, iulie 24th, 2008

Fara cuvinte Ah,ba ar fi ceva: limbajul (inca) stalinisto- sovietic – "microraionul" fiind predecesorul "sectorului" in Romania.  

[en] Handy Safe review [software/UIQ/tech/gsm]

joi, iulie 24th, 2008

 How many times did I forget one of the many PINs I have,for one of my many cards or accounts? A lot of times. The ATM refused to give me my CC back after punching the wrong PIN  for 3 times at least in two separate ocasions.What’s Handy Safe? In one (sic!) word:security, data management and [...]

[ro] “Stiri” [romanik/life/crap]

marți, iulie 22nd, 2008

Intr-o tara de rahat, cu oameni de rahat, cu politicieni de rahat, cu infrastructura de rahat, cu salarii si vieti de rahat nu avem cum sa avem de cat stiri de…ei bine, rahat. Evident. Logic. Pentru ca m-a suparat vremea si m-am trezit cu fata la cearceaf,m-am hotarat sa ma bine-dispun si sa citesc stiri. [...]

[en] Not a nerd but not cool,either [geek stuff]

luni, iulie 21st, 2008

Well,it’s better than I thought: I’m not a geek ! So,I’m not a nerd, but they say I’m not cool either, which leaves me somewhere in between. Being a geek site , they think it’s cool to be a nerd That’s what I thought: being nerd means being smart. So only 30% for me I wish the [...]

[en] Twitter – the everlasting social network [Twitter/internet]

vineri, iulie 18th, 2008

This time they announced before. But that message was the same an hour ago. Is the time-flow different in Twitterland?  

[ro] Ne mutam [life]

marți, iulie 15th, 2008

  Ne mutam.Sediul se muta in alta parte pentru ca deja suntem prea multi si nu mai avem loc.Cand vorbim la telefon,trebuie sa iesim pe hol pentru ca ne bruiem reciproc-atat de mic si de neincapator a devenit actualul loc. Nu ar trebui sa-mi pese ca ne mutam.Dar imi placea acolo pentru ca devenise intim [...]

[en] How ridiculous can you get? [life]

marți, iulie 15th, 2008

Here, I found this site where people express their personality thru clothes, like most of us. But like THIS?! Come on! Is she working somewhere ? She’s not buying the clothes, she says. I agree! Later edit: there is a Romanian version (compare the findings). Both links came from…her!    

[ro] The Mission-Dance Weekend la Mamaia [fun/entertainment/life]

luni, iulie 14th, 2008

In weekend am fost la mare sa-l vad pe Fatboy Slim . La Dance Weekend. La The Mission. Unde a mai fost si Timo Maas. Si Roger Sanchez . Si Trentemoller.N-am apucat decat ultimele 2 melodii ale lui fatboy slim si jumatate din ce-a urmat. Apoi am plecat.   Ca de obicei,daca ceva iese bine, [...]

[en] Game over wallaper [tech/life]

vineri, iulie 11th, 2008

I had to choose a new wallpaper for my phone yesterday and it wasn’t this one                                 


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