[en] Review TOSC – The Open Screen Capture [UIQ software review]

27 mai 2008
I took just a little bit of my time to review this great lil’ application. Pal Szasz made it because he realized it was nothing like his ideea on the market. Remember, in 2006 there were just a handful of UIQ 3.0 programs on the market.
I use it since and in spite of trying other various screen-capture applications, I always come back to this one.I have it as a shortcut on my standby screen so I can access it faster.
And I know why: because is beta, freeware and so simple. And does its job perfect.This is the welcome screen:
UI: the menu is VERY simple: as you can see underneath, it has just 4 options. You can set timeout (the moment of screen-capturing) in 0,10 or 30 seconds and you can lock/unlock the shortcut button (green) and place it wherever you want. I can’t show it to you because you can’t capture that one when you take a screenshot of something. This is also a feature: the "floating” button is hidden so you can have a clean screen-shot. I located my button right next to the Wi-Fi antenna in the upper-right corner and then locked it in place. That way it doesn’t bothering me. Press it once and it captures your screen a half second later. Press it twice and it’ll cancel the curent job.

How it works: first you have to choose the timeout period.I keep it mine on zero seconds, this way I can capture what I want whenever I want in a blink. The program stores the little .png file in the :D root. This .png screen-shots usually have around 35kb . Nice! The reason Pal choose to go with .png is because it’s smaller than a .bmp file. I had a little trouble when I wanted to get the files from the root because the original SE File Explorer didn’t see them. After using X-plore I was able to get it, move it, copy it, whatever I wanted to do.
One annoying thing: doesn’t keep track of changes from session to session.If I want it on 0 timeout all the time, I gotta set it everytime i start the program. Otherwise the standard setting is 10 seconds. 
There is a 3rd version ( I have 0.2v) available  but I keep this one because I don’t need the latest feature added.
It only takes 268 kb of your RAM. 
You can get it from here.

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