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26 mai 2008

And kinda sad at the same time. While I’m not a fan of social networking , Twitter is a nice add-on to my digital-life. It’s not intrusive (I use TwitterFox for Firefox) and I have the chance to follow some nice conversations, of course off-beat and off-topic but kinda nice, anyway.

The problem is Twitter is going thru some rough times these days being mostly down or crippled by all kinds of shortages. This article from Techcrunch made me understand the future for Twitter is still rocky .
So today I was wandering thru the profiles of  my follower’s followers and I found a lot of junk. I mean, when is Twitter going to do a major clean-up? Establish some rules into your ToS!
This girl has one update, ONE YEAR AGO and SEVEN followers! Come on!



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