Close to a new up-time record! [technology]

29 aprilie 2008
    As I started to keep track of my P1i’s uptime (here and here), I am about to try to surpass again the 9 days barrier but this time with heavy usual usage for me. I am curious how long it’ll be before I change up my mind and update to the latest SW-for the moment I have a regional German SW.
I really, really don’t complain about performance. It’s normal for these gadgets to restart sometimes because inspite  of everyone thinks, these machines were never designed to run for days,months without restart. Even if nobody tells you, be sure that engineers know that every now and then everything needs a reset to put things in order.
There’s always a later edit: the phone hanged when I finished a call, so…here we go again. Just 9 days and a half. Still trying to get more 

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