Technology eats me alive

23 ianuarie 2008

Everytime my phone ecounters an error which doesn’t require close-down and restart "in order to improve performance" (you have to admit it’s a smart slogan when your phone crash apps), it displays a message that says: "general error".

Now, I am used with getting explanations most of the time. If someone can’t give it to me properly, I am looking myslef. I have knowledge, friends, elders and internet. It HAS to be somewhere. Not at Sony Ericsson .
Now I know the programers are some kind of weirdos, sorry, people but when you do a program, you also test it and resolve bugs.
This time it’s the e-mail client. I can’t imagine why it gives me this error and doesn’t update the messages. Or I think I don’t know but I observed something: like my older M600i and P990i, whenever it ran out of memory ( after a couple of days of usage) my phone didn’t connect to internet anymore and I had to reboot in order to get it goin’.
And now this happens to my P1i with my record of stand-by : 6 days and can’t connect to internet, so…reboot. So much memory and for nuthin’.


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