System error! Again- P1i

21 decembrie 2007
E-mail client error 


From time to time, I find I have no internet connection on my phone. My e-mails can’t be retrieved automatically, the browser and  the RSS feeder doesn’t work. I talked to my provider and they tell me it’s not a connection problem. I tend to believe them as this kind of error never appeared with other brands. This happened to me even with my P910i and P990i but I used to put the phone in Flight Mode, then back in Phone Mode and the connection would be restored. As I understood at the time, cutting the radio part and put it back on would refresh the settings with the network.
But not with P1i. No matter what I do, the connection is not restored and I have to reboot . Sometimes it drives me crazy. The error is not reproducible.

Opera browser error


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